Guidance FriendsWe are still here for you!  We are currently working from home but still available to answer any questions/concerns.  Supporting you continues to be our priority.  See below under Guidance Counsellors for contact information.

G​uidance​ and Career Education plays a central role by preparing students for a complex and changing world. The Guidance  program has a specific focus on learner, interpersonal, and career development with the following goals:

  • teach career awareness early and throughout students' education;
  • ensure that students have the skills they need to set and achieve their learning goals now and in the future;
  • teach students the skills to make transitions throughout their lives, to work and/or further education and training;
  • prepare students to live in an increasingly diverse society by helping them develop the ability to interact positively and work effectively in a range of settings.​​

Guidance Counsellors


Students are assigned to counsellors by their last name beginning with the letters:


A - D    Mr. F. Delle Donne (ext. 24042) -


E - M    Mr. D. Keane (ext. 24043) -


N - Z     Mrs. Y. Gorski (ext. 24041) -


Student Support Administrator   Mrs. H. DeSando (ext. 24040)​​​​ -


  • ​Grade 12 students are encouraged to be researching all of their post-secondary options.  Use the links on the left  or below to assist you in your research.
  • Grade 11 students will be meeting with the Guidance Counsellors in the spring to learn more about researching post-secondary options.  Visit the Pathways page for access to the handouts and links used in these presentations.


Course Request Changes

Students selected their courses in February and have had time to request course changes. However, some students have valid reasons to adjust their timetable.  Changes that will be made at this time are for only the reasons listed below: 
  • Students who are in Grades 9, 10 or 11 who have less than 8 courses.**
  • Students in Grades 12/12+ who do not have enough courses to graduate (30 credits needed to graduate).
  • Students who need a compulsory course to meet a graduation requirement.
  • Students who failed courses and need to repeat them.
  • Students who passed a summer school course, which is still on their timetable.
  • Students who need a prerequisite for an apprenticeship, college or university program. 
Course change requests will be reviewed.  If they meet the criteria above and if they are possible, the updated timetable distributed on the first day of school will reflect the change.

Please note that all student timetables have been reviewed with an effort to balance required and optional courses between semesters where possible. This is not always possible based on the student(s) course selections, the number of sections available and the placement of the courses in the timetable.

Electronic Course Change Form 2020-2021 - to be used for changes for reasons noted above. Click on link below.


Former students who need an Ontario Transcript from their secondary school are to contact their former school directly. 

Parents may request a transcript for their son/daughter only if he/she is under the age of 18. Due to Privacy Laws, transcripts cannot be provided to third parties for students over the age of 18. Students over the age of 18, who need someone else to pick up their transcripts for them, must provide authorization directly to the school. Photo ID is required when picking up transcripts.

Transcripts will be provided in sealed envelopes. Transcripts cannot be faxed, emailed or forwarded directly to colleges, universities or other third parties.​

Please, complete this Request for Transcript form and bring it to STA along with the $15 fee. 

Graduation Information