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St. Thomas Aquinas has a strong tradition of success and excellence in our Aquinas Athletics Programs at the TVRA, WOSSAA, and OFSAA levels.  Our multiple sports throughout the fall, winter, and spring seasons offer athletes a way to build positive relationships with their teammates and teacher coaches outside of the classroom.  Aquinas student athletes learn about teamwork, discipline, commitment, and how to improve their self-esteem.  Interschool sports at St. Thomas Aquinas gives the opportunity for athletes to participate in competitive physical activity and our school athletics program promotes the concept of developing a multisport athlete. 


St. Thomas Aquinas athletic teams participate in the Thames Valley Regional Athletics Association (TVRA), the Western Ontario Secondary School Athletics Association (WOSSAA), and the Ontario Federation of Schools Athletic Associations (OFSAA).   In order to participate on an athletic team, a student must carry a course load of at least 3 credits during the entire season while attending all classes regularly. 


If you have any questions regarding Aquinas Athletics, please contact the Athletic Director at St. Thomas Aquinas, Dennis Kowalski @ [email protected].  All students who transfer to St. Thomas Aquinas after their first semester of grade 9 need to be made eligible by the TVRA eligibility committee.  Please see Mr. Kowalski to obtain and complete the appropriate paperwork for eligibility.

We encourage and invite you to become an Aquinas Student Athlete!  Roll Flames!



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