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The STA Construction Specialist High Skills Major program focuses on various areas of the Construction industry.

These include:

  • new home building and renovation, including building, remodeling, or renovating houses and apartment buildings
  • heavy industrial construction, including building industrial facilities such as cement, automotive, chemical, or power plants, refineries, and oil-sands installations
  • institutional and commercial construction, including building commercial and institutional buildings and structures such as stadiums, schools, hospitals, grain elevators, and swimming pools
  • civil engineering construction, including engineering projects such as highways, dams, water and sewer lines, power and communication lines, and bridges.


    Students will have the opportunity to gain valuable experience through a variety of activities. These include:

    Specialized training such as Working at Heights, First Aid & CPR, Elevated Work Platforms, etc.

    Co-op placements in the Construction Industry such as Electricians, Plumbers, HVAC, Framers, Brick Layer, etc.

    Possibility of being signed as an apprentice under the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program ( OYAP)

    Sector specific field trips such as visits to local Construction sites.


    Students are required to take a bundle of courses to complete the requirements for the Construction SHSM.

    These courses are part of the regular 30 credit requirement for graduation.

    Students will receive a special "Red Seal" designation on the Diploma.

    This designation can help students make choices to post-secondary opportunities including Apprenticeship, Colleges and Universities.


In addition to senior courses, students are encouraged to explore junior level optional courses to help familiarize themselves with this industry.

These include:

Gr 9 Integrated Technology TIJ1O

Gr 10 Construction Technology TCJ2O, Manufacturing Technology TMJ2O, Transportation Technology TTJ2O


The construction industry is one of Ontario's largest employers. The Industry accounts for close to 400,000 workers in Ontario. These can be from the following list:

Occupation in the Construction Sector Chart