Arts - Tech Theatre

Theatre Masks

The Arts and Culture Specialist High Skills Major focusing on Technical Theatre is the perfect way to combine an interest in technology with the encouragement of the creative arts. This certification allows students to explore the many avenues of arts and culture in an original, progressive and unique way. In achieving their Red Seal the students receive training in Working at Heights, Elevated Platforms, WHMIS, First Aid and CPR with options that include workshops in Theatre Lighting and Sound, Lighting Maintenance and Scenic Painting. Students also participate in varying reach ahead activities that include professional theatre tours both in London and Stratford and the enjoyment of live performances.

The best part of earning a Red Seal in the Arts and Culture SHSM is the collective ownership students take while participating in the Technical Theatre course. Together they begin a journey that will conclude with the completion of the building and producing all aspects for annual school production.

Next year will be production number twenty four! Join the Arts and Culture Specialist High Skills Major path and be part of this amazing tradition creating art and history!