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The Health & Wellness Program here at St. Thomas Aquinas.

This program is the Ministry recognized High Skills Major Specialist in Health and Wellness. It offers students the opportunity to explore topics and issues related to health, fitness, leadership, sport and recreation while still in high school. Through in-class learning, the student will develop many skills that will serve as a building block to various careers in the health and wellness sector.

If your son or daughter chooses to participate in this program, they will enroll in specified courses within their regular timetable. The certifications will be paid for as a part for the LDCSB Student Success Initiative and there will not be any additional cost for your family.

The Health and Wellness Program requires:

1. Course Selections of eight Grade 11 and Grade 12 credits that comprise of:

* four health and wellness credits including senior Physical and Health Education courses

* two other required credits from the Ontario curriculum, in English, Mathematics,

and a choice of Science or Social Sciences and Humanities

* Co-operative Education – two-credit course tied to the health and wellness sector


2. Certifications - six sector-recognized certifications and/or training (three compulsory (CPR,

Standard First Aid, WHMIS) and three elective (possible certifications depending on student

interest –coaching, fitness, leadership training certifications, conflict resolutions/behaviour

management, and other related certifications)


3. Experiential Learning, Career Exploration and Reach Ahead Experiences

These activities include an opportunity to experience the next step in their chosen pathway.

Some possibilities might be job shadowing opportunities, tours of colleges and universities,

workshops in the health field, leadership opportunities, etc.

The Health and Wellness Program is an exciting opportunity.  At any time, contact us or your guidance counselor for further information about this program.


MP Leidl Dennis Kowalski

Health and Wellness Program Coordinators,

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School