The Catholic Identity of St. Thomas Aquinas exists in all aspects of the school. It is present both inside and outside the classroom and is at the core of all that we do and say. You willsee outward signs of our faith throughout the building, within the curriculum, in many of the school activities, and in the words and actions of staff and students. The Chaplaincy Department with its services and opportunities for students, helps to create a living faith for our school community.

Aaron Pellerin, Chaplaincy Leader or 519-660-2798 x24059


Who I am:

I am a dad, a coffee drinker, a lover of the arts, a deep thinker, a half-way decent chess player. A person who loves, and is loved by God. I put great effort into making sure other people know that they are also loved by God. I really, really love what I do.


What I do:

My role is mainly to support a Catholic Culture within the school. I organize masses and liturgical celebrations. I am responsible for prayers at many times including every morning.  I plan experiences to deeped faith, and make connections with social justice issues. I distribute cookies to the hungry masses. Mainly, though, I am here to make sure every person in the school feels that they are cared about and loved. Catholic education is more than academics with a religion requirement. We follow the example of Christ in everything that we do. Our school is rooted in the idea that each and every person deserves love not because of what they are able to acheive, but because of who they are. I am here because we take this idea seriously. My job is to promote love, and reinforce our identity as followers of Catholic teaching. Pretty cool, right?

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