Student Success Services

The Student Success Program is designed as a short term academic support for students who do not have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). The program works to help students develop and implement strategies in order to be successful at St. Thomas Aquinas. All our teachers and support staff want to see you succeed. 

Who is part of STA’s Student Success Team? 

Principals, Vice-Principals, Guidance Counsellors, Special Education teachers, Student Success Teacher, Social Worker, Chaplain and other referring teachers meet on a regular basis to review students’ progress within the program. 


How is a student referred to the school’s Student Success program? 

  • Recommended by their Gr. 8 teacher 
  • Recommended by the Guidance Counsellor or Student Success Team 
  • Request by parent 
  • Achieving at Level 1 or below 
  • Attendance concerns 
  • Behavioural, Emotional, or Social concerns 
  • Students who want to improve learning skills 


Some of the ways to be successful include: 

  • Test taking strategies 
       Managing your time 
  • Exploring after school resources 
  • Communicating more effectively 
  • Improving your study and organizational skills 
  • Test taking strategies 
       Setting goals 
  • Listening actively during class 


Please contact your Guidance Counsellor if you think this program would benefit you! 


Helpful Resources 


Growing Success Document 


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