Business Department

In this year’s Business for a Day project by Business Entrepreneurship class (BDI3C), groups were responsible for selecting and designing a few products they would like to sell as school merchandise. Groups conducted preliminary research and surveys before settling in on four different items to sell this year. 


There are limited quantities available of each product. Get them now before they sell out!



Zero-Thirst Water Bottle

A red stainless-steel bottle with a twist off top. It fills up to 750 mL of liquid and is engraved with a dragon STA logo.

Price: $11.99

Sold Out

Zero Thirst

Flames Keychain

Stylish keychain to wear around your neck. Prevents loss of keys. Designed with school spirit

Price: $3.99

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STA Sport Bottle

STA Flames sport bottle. Perfect for athletes to showcase their school spirit and great as a spare bottle to keep at school and help eliminate single use plastic bottles. RED TOP

Price: $9.99

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Sport Bottle

Water Boys Shaker

A shaker water bottle designed for mixing athletic drinks and a container designed to hold your choice of mixing powder.

Price: $8.99

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 If you are a friend or family member looking to support the students and have made a purchase, please provide a copy of your receipt to a student so that they may be able to pick up the product from the school. There will be no shipping or deliveries to outside the school for any products purchased.


Thank you for supporting the Business Entrepreneurship class at STA!