Student Council

Student Council

Official Instagram Page: stastudentco 


Callum N.                  Prime Minister

Giuliana D.               Deputy PM 

Ethan M.                    Minister of Finance 

Kirra B.                       Minister of Communications

Andrew K.                Minister of Faith

Ryan V.                       Minister of Health & Culture

Kyle P.                         Minister of Multimedia

Rachel J.                    Minister of Spirit 

Jonathan L.              Minister of Spirit 

Adaira N.                   Minister of Sports & Recreation

Caleb Y.                      Minister of Sports & Recreation

Lauren D.                  Student Senator 

Jacob M.                    Student Trustee 




Spirit Wear

Spirit wear orders can be made online.Clothing will be delivered approx.3 weeks after the closing date. Order from here:  Spirit Wear Store

Additional Phys Ed.spirit wear can be ordered online at

Spirit Wear Days: Second Tuesday (Cohort A) and Thursday (Cohort B) of every month
Off-Uniform Days:  Last Tuesday (Cohort A) and Thursday (Cohort B) of every month




Pictures of School Events