Student Council

Student Council

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Spirit Wear

Spirit wear orders can be made online.Clothing will be delivered approx.3 weeks after the closing date. Order from here:  Spirit Wear Store

Additional Phys Ed.spirit wear can be ordered online at

Spirit Wear Days: Second Thursday of every month
Off-Uniform Days:  Last Thursday of each month

Student Council 2019-2020

Lexi Tisdelle                                       Prime Minister

Nicole Fernandes                           Deputy Prime Minister

Jackson Gilson                                 Minister of Faith

Sarah Catania                                   Minister of Sports

Justin Sanders                                  Minister of Sports

Sara Arcese                                        Minister of Finance

Devon Stanton                                 Minister of Spirit

Olivia Pellizzari                                Minister of Communications

Jaden Blackman                              Minister of Health and Culture

Grace Moir                                          Minister of Multimedia


 Julia Agostinelli                               Student Senator

 Michael McCarvell                        Student Senator




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