Student Council

Student Council

Official Instagram Page: stastudentco 


Asta B.

Emma B.

Halen D.

Josh G.

Mohammad H.

Kaitlyn J.

Olivia L.

Owen L.

Julia L.

Morgan M.

Cole W.

Ella Y.

Emerson M.                  Prime Minister

Samuel A.                      Deputy PM 

Kieran B.                        Minister of Faith

Jake C.                             Minister of Diversity

Meghan N.                    Student Senator 



Spirit Wear

Spirit wear orders can be made online.Clothing will be delivered approx.3 weeks after the closing date. Order from here:  Spirit Wear Store

Additional Phys Ed.spirit wear can be ordered online at

Spirit Wear Days: Second Tuesday of every month
Off-Uniform Days:  Last Tuesday of every month




Pictures of School Events