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At STA we offer a variety of different physical activities that will help promote healthy active living for a lifelong pursuit.   Our PPL courses focus on activities that are game oriented while the PAF courses focus on individual fitness activities.  Your choice depends on what appeals to your physical activity interest.  Our goal is to keep students active every day!  Both courses offer an excellent opportunity to be active—why not take each one! 

Specialty Programs

Specialist High Skills MajorAIM Logo.jpg

AIM is a Specialist Skills Major which is a multi- pathway program based on senior Phys. Ed. Courses, plus community partnerships, sector recognized certifications and reach ahead experiences, while still meeting the requirements of the OSSD. Students will have the opportunity to explore careers in the fields of Kinesiology, Physical Education, Recreation Leadership and Health Education. Ask a Phys. Ed. Teacher for more information.


PAL10/PAL20 Large Group Activities
In this course students will spend 40-50 hours on ice developing skills that are transferable to many other activities. The remainder of the course will focus on health topics such as nutrition, decision making, fitness and sexuality.



Healthy Active Living

PPL10f (female) or PPL10m (male)

In this course students will be introduced to many different types of skills that will apply to both traditional and non-traditional games.  Our target games which help emphasize accuracy and control include Kan Jam, Molkky, Horse shoes, Frisbee golf.  More traditional games that are territory activities including volleyball and flag football.  There are also  netwall games (badminton) and striking/fielding games ( cricket and softball).   Although fitness is part of every day in this course, a specific day is scheduled each week to introduce the fitness equipment available here at STA.  So many activities to try out at STA.  



Healthy Living and Personal and Fitness Activities

PAF10f (female) or PAF10f (male)

In this course students will spend time learning various methods of fitness training. Training methods will be introduced including different types of circuit training designs as well as traditional weight training opportunities.  Our weight room is well-designed with the latest equipment including weight bars, fitness ropes, kettle bells,  yoga matts, aerobic steps—so much choice!  We also have our very own cycling room ready for cycling classes or individual cycling training.  One day a week classes are also scheduled in the gym for "game day"… so many choices!



Other Course Opportunities at STA:

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Grade Ten

Healthy Active Living    PPL20f/m   

Personal and Fitness Activities PAF 20f/m

Large Group Activities PAL 20

Grade Eleven

Healthy Active Living    PPL30f/m   

Personal and Fitness Activities PAF30f/m


Grade Twelve 

Healthy Active Living    PPL40   

Personal and Fitness Activities PAF40f/m

Recreation and Healthy Active Living Leadership PLF4U

Introductory Kinesiology PSK4U 

Sports Management   IDU4U



*AIM Program (SHSM Health and Wellness or Sport) opportunity for students taking senior Health and Physical Education Courses