Students registering for Grade 9 are encouraged to view "The Journey Begins" for valuable information about course selection and making a successful transition to high school.

Students planning for Grades 10-12 are encouraged to view "The Journey Continues"​ for information about course selection and post-secondary pathways.

The Ministry of Education ​has developed a career and life planning program in which each student creates an Individual Pathways Plan.  See the poster below for information about this program.

Creating Pathways to Success fact sheet

LDCSB students can access their Individual Path​ways Plan online through Career Cruising.  This can be accessed through the LDCSB Virtual Learning Environment portal.

The Ontario School Counsellors Association (OSCA) website contains many links to resources for students.

Are you considering a Gap year after high school?  Consider some of the Resources available here.

Grade 11 students are presented with information regarding post-secondary research each spring.  The handout GRADE 11 POST SECONDARY workshop provides links to many valuable research websites.​