Staff Member Ext.   Email
Aziz-Stoetzer, Mary 24032 Teacher [email protected]
Barker, Stephanie 24035 Teacher [email protected]
​​Bateman, Mark 24034 Teacher ​​​​[email protected]
​Bax Pettinato, Lisa​ 24035 Teacher lbax​
​Betteto, Desmond 24034 Teacher [email protected]
Bilotta, Anna  24031 Teacher [email protected]
Bodsworth, Ginny 24036 Teacher [email protected]
Brock, Jim 24034 Teacher [email protected]
Campigotto, Alisha 24033 Teacher [email protected]
Cardy, Cindy 24015 Educational Assistant [email protected]
Clark, Lily 24035 Teacher [email protected]
​Colafranceschi, Deborah 24034 Teacher dcolafranceschi​
​Comiskey, David 24036 Teacher dcomiskey​
Cooper, Michelle 24012 Social Worker  
Cortina, Austin 24034 Teacher [email protected]
​David-Lapp, Angela 24031 Teacher, SHSM Lead - Arts and Culture adavid​
Dearlove, Jenna 24031 Department Head - Religion [email protected]
Delle Donne, Frank 24042 Guidance Counsellor [email protected]
​​​​​De Melo, Lory 24020 School Data & Information Administrator ​​[email protected]
​Derbyshire, Steven 24030 ​Teacher, SHSM Lead - Construction [email protected]
DeSando, Heather​ 24040 Student Support  Administrator hdesando​
​DiMarcelli, Michelle 24036 ​Teacher [email protected]
DiTrolio, Joe 24030 Teacher [email protected]
Drouillard, Derek 24034 Teacher [email protected]
​Dundas, Jack 24018 Teacher jdundas​
Dundas, Stephanie​ 24036 Teacher [email protected]
Easton, Monika 24034 Teacher [email protected]
Foster, James 24036 Teacher [email protected]
Gallo, Matthew 24015 Teacher [email protected]
Gee, Ian 24030 Teacher [email protected]
​Gillen, Gene  24003 Teacher ggillen​
​Gilson, Melissa 24034 Teacher [email protected]
​Goddard, Adrianne 24036 Teacher, SHSM Lead - Non Profit [email protected]
​Gorski, Yvonne 24041 Department Head  - Guidance ygorski​
​Gratton, Sue 24060 Custodian  
​Gribbon, Jeffrey 24033 Teacher [email protected]
Gulikers, Cindy 24015 Educational Assistant [email protected]
Harris, Jessica 24036 Teacher [email protected]
Harris, John 24034 Teacher [email protected]
Head, Denise​ 24035 Department Head - Cdn & World Studies [email protected]
​Hird, James 24003 Teacher [email protected]
Hogeterp, Susan 24032 Teacher [email protected]
Jardine, Cara 24036 Teacher [email protected]
​Johnson, Joanna 24031 Teacher [email protected]
​Keane, Dan 24043 Guidance Counsellor [email protected]
​Koczwara, Robert 24034 Department Head - Math [email protected]
​Kowalski, Dennis 24003 Teacher, Athletic Director dkowalski​
Kuczynska, Caroline 24034 Teacher [email protected]
​Kulik-Jackson, Michelle 24015 SPST mkulik​
​Langlois, Inga 24247 Educational Assistant [email protected]
LaRocque, James 24043 Teacher [email protected]
​Lourenco, Cathy 24031 Teacher [email protected]
Marinelli, John 24001 Principal [email protected]
​McAdam, Laura 24033 Department Head - Science [email protected]
McCallum, Josh 24030 Teacher
​McCready, Cindy 24247 Educational Assistant
​McIntosh, Shawn 24034 Teacher, SHSM Lead - ICT [email protected]
Moore, Michelle 24034 Teacher [email protected]
​Morawski, Colleen 24070 Librarian [email protected]
​Morgan, Melinda 24036 Department Head - Eng., Arts & Moderns [email protected]
Nichol, Katherine 24247 Educational Assistant​ [email protected]
​O'Leary-Reesor, Lisa 24035 Student Success Teacher lreesor​
​Owen-Cox, Tammy 24033 Teacher towencox​
​Ozaruk, Susan 24099 Communications Administrator sozaruk​
​Palmer, Chad 24018 Teacher [email protected]
Palmieri, Christina 24018 Teacher [email protected]
Paparella, Matthew 24033 Teacher [email protected]
Peirce, Bob 24034 Teacher [email protected]
Pelkman, Stephanie 24032 Teacher [email protected]
​Pellerin, Aaron 24059 Chaplaincy Leader [email protected]
Penich, Suzana 24002 Vice Principal (A-M) [email protected]
Read-Trottier, Zachary 24036 Teacher [email protected]
Ricketts-Nelson, Jennifer 24247 Educational Assistant​ [email protected]
​Robinet, Angela   Teacher [email protected]
​Robins, Julie  24247 Educational Assistant​ jrobins​
Ryan, Naomi 24003
Department Head - Physical Education
SHSM Lead - Health and Wellness
[email protected]
​Santagapita, Paul 24015 Department Head - Learning Services [email protected]
Shamoon, Kelly 24033 Teacher, SHSM Lead - Health and Wellness [email protected]
Smith, Meaghan 24036 Teacher [email protected]
Soanes, Laurel 24010 Office Supervisor [email protected]
Spence, Anne-Marie 24036 Teacher [email protected]
Staples, Annalise 24015 Teacher [email protected]
Steffler, Jason 24003 Vice Principal (N-Z) [email protected]
Strybosch, Kristine 24033 Teacher [email protected]
​Thompson, Fr. William 24035 Teacher [email protected]
​Tyssen, William Ryan 24030 Teacher, SHSM Lead - ICT [email protected]
​Valerio, Joseph 24030 Department Head - Technology/Co-op [email protected]
​Van Dasler, Janice 24015 SPST jvandasler​